Why Do An Audit?

6 08 2011


Why do a home energy assessment?

18 07 2011
Save Energy;  Save Money;  Save our Environment

Four reasons to get a Home Energy Assessment:

(1) Save on your energy bills

An energy assessment of your home is the only way to accurately find out where your house is wasting energy.

(2) Enjoy a more comfortable and safer home

Improving the energy efficiency of your home leads to less drafty rooms and a more even temperature throughout.  It can solve moisture problems that are a leading cause of both house deterioration and indoor air quality issues.  Also, if you have a gas or oil furnace and/or water heater, we will also make sure that no gases or fumes are spilling back into your home and poisoning the air of your home.

(3) Improve the resale value of your home

Alongside a traditional home inspection, no other report gives more assurance to prospective home-buyers than a complete energy assessment.  The audit will allow them to predict not only how much energy it will take to heat and cool the home, but also where their efforts will best be spent on improving those conditions.

(4) Reduce you carbon footprint

The American population makes up nearly 4% of the human species, but we produce over 21% of the world’s CO2 emissions. It is estimated that if all the world’s people lived like the average American, we would need over five planets to support us sustainably. You can do your part to remedy this by reducing your energy consumption.


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